Smells like Ecclesiastes

Eins der Bücher, die mich gerade beschäftigen, ist „The Rock Cries Out – Discovering Eternal Truth In Unlikely Music“ von Steve Stockman. In dem Kapitel über Nirvana („Smells like Ecclesiastes“, also: „Riecht nach (dem) Prediger (Salomo)“ – natürlich in Anspielung auf „Smells like teen spirit“) heißt es:

„If you were a teenager as the early 90’s set off toward millennium apocalypse, then Nirvana was the perfect sonic comfort blanket. The generation that had watched their parents split up and been bounced around from one to the other or rejected by one or the other was reaping the harvest, near famine, of the breakdown of family life. They had stood in the gap in the covert wars between those who should have been building their security. They were weighed down in guilt and emotional baggage that they had experienced much earlier in their lives than the generations before them. Michael Jackson was no catharsis, so that first time they heard the riff of „Smells Like Teen Spirit“, their fraying little souls must have sensed relief; a spokesman has arrived from God, and they knocked the aforementioned Jackson off the number one slot.“

Ich bin nie ein Riesenfan von Nirvana gewesen, aber „Nevermind“ habe ich mir damals natürlich auch gekauft. Auf die Texte habe ich dabei gar nicht mal so sehr geachtet, aber ich mochte die Rohheit und Kraft der Musik. Und wenn ich jetzt so lese, was Stockman dazu schreibt, gehen mir ein paar Lichter auf…

Noch ein Zitat aus dem Buch:

„Like the generation who heard their pain in the larynx-ripping squall of his grunge sound, Kurt Cobain seemed to be someone who could empathize with them in their purposelessness, weakness, confusion, worthlessness, and shame. That is exactly what Jesus came to do, to sympathize with us in our weakness.“