When God walks through the room

In einem alten Rolling Stone-Artikel („U2 dissect ‚Bomb‘„) habe ich folgendes Zitat von U2-Schlagzeuger Larry Mullen Jr. gefunden:

„People respond to U2 in an unusual way. People trust U2 and believe what we do. And that’s much bigger than the music — and it’s despite us. I remember one of Bono’s classic lines. We were on the last tour, running the names of the victims of 9/11 behind us [during „One“]. There was crying, applause — everything seemed louder and bigger. And those old songs, „Sunday Bloody Sunday,“ „I Will Follow,“ „Out of Control“ — they suddenly had new meaning. But Bono said, „When people applaud, when people laugh and cry, it’s nothing to do with you. It’s memory — that song takes them somewhere.“
We have to separate ourselves from that. If we thought it was all about us, it would f**k us up. Something happens, but it is not something we can make happen. It only happens when God walks through the room.“

Ähnliches hat Rob Bell formuliert (siehe „Mr. Bell und meine Lieblingsband„).

Wie seht Ihr das denn – U2-Fans, die Ihr hier mitlest? Oder: Geht es Euch (Lesern generell) ähnlich mit anderer Musik?

Auch hier noch die deutsche Übersetzung (Ergänzung vom 18.9.): When God walks through the room weiterlesen