Das Baby in der Krippe – jetzt mit dt. Übersetzung ;-)

Ja, ich weiß: Falsche Jahreszeit. Obwohl im Supermarkt schon wieder Lebkuchen gesichtet worden sein soll… Wie auch immer, eigentlich geht’s hier jedenfalls nicht um Weihnachten, sondern um Bonos Antwort auf die Frage, wie er sich Gott vorstellt. Genauer gesagt: „What is your concept of God?“

Bono: „The idea that there is love and logic behind the universe is something I hold dear. The idea that it should express itself as a child born in shit-and-straw poverty is one that gives me a reason to get out of bed in the morning. It’s just mind-blowing to me. I came home once at Christmas, from tour, and I went to St. Patrick’s Cathedral to hear the boys’ choir sing the carol service. I was tired and I was just doing this romantic thing, not really thinking about it as an act of worship or anything. I was given a bad seat behind one of the pillars in this huge hall and I couldn’t really hear the words the choir was singing. So, to stop falling asleep, as I hadn’t been to bed in days, I concentrated on the sheet in front of me, and it really dawned on me how perfect it was that this thing we call God would chose to express itself as a child ‘born in a barn,’ as we say here in Dublin. That’s the most striking idea we have of God. I think that wherever you look for God you’ll still have to pass through that door of humility and that door of complete vulnerability that a child has. There are very few musicians who don’t believe in God.“

(Gefunden in „The Dubliner„)

Hier die deutsche Übersetzung (Ergänzung vom 18.9.): Das Baby in der Krippe – jetzt mit dt. Übersetzung 😉 weiterlesen