"Faith & Film"

Sehr interessant, das Interview mit Craig Detweiler im „relevant magazine„. Genau nach meinem Maß… 😉 Zwei Beispiele:

What would you say to Christians who will stay away from a movie simply because there might be some darker, unsavory themes, such as violence, sexual content, etc.?
I think they’re missing the point of the film. Maybe they’re missing the whole Bible. The Bible is a book about sinners in need of redemption. It’s about a society that doesn’t work—the things we do to each other, and our need for restoration and hope. “

For you personally, how do film and your faith connect?
My spiritual search is intensely rooted in film. When I saw the film Raging Bull as a senior in high school, it was like this wake-up call. It showed me the destructive path I was on. It showed me what kind of blindness and self-destruction I was capable of. At the end of the film, it says “All I know is this. Once I was blind, but now I can see.” There it was—the Gospel of John was communicated to me through this pretty rough, profane, R-rated movie. It sparked me to want to know more about God: “Who is Jesus?” “What does it mean to ‘see’?” “Where do I find light?” I think the same thing happens today.“

Dabei fällt mir ein, was mir mal während des Films „Gegen die Wand“ passiert ist.
In einer Szene klimpert der Hauptdarsteller auf einem Klavier gedankenverloren die ersten paar Töne von „Life’s what you make it“ von Talk Talk. Sehr markante Melodie, kennt fast jeder. 😉 Mich hat das ermutigt – als würde Gott sagen: „Du hast immer eine neue Chance. Das Leben ist das, was Du daraus machst!“ Ist es sehr seltsam, wenn man sich von Gott auf diese Weise angesprochen fühlt?

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