"Faith & Film"

Sehr interessant, das Interview mit Craig Detweiler im „relevant magazine„. Genau nach meinem Maß… 😉 Zwei Beispiele:

What would you say to Christians who will stay away from a movie simply because there might be some darker, unsavory themes, such as violence, sexual content, etc.?
I think they’re missing the point of the film. Maybe they’re missing the whole Bible. The Bible is a book about sinners in need of redemption. It’s about a society that doesn’t work—the things we do to each other, and our need for restoration and hope. “

For you personally, how do film and your faith connect?
My spiritual search is intensely rooted in film. When I saw the film Raging Bull as a senior in high school, it was like this wake-up call. It showed me the destructive path I was on. It showed me what kind of blindness and self-destruction I was capable of. At the end of the film, it says “All I know is this. Once I was blind, but now I can see.” There it was—the Gospel of John was communicated to me through this pretty rough, profane, R-rated movie. It sparked me to want to know more about God: “Who is Jesus?” “What does it mean to ‘see’?” “Where do I find light?” I think the same thing happens today.“

Dabei fällt mir ein, was mir mal während des Films „Gegen die Wand“ passiert ist. "Faith & Film" weiterlesen