Bruce Cockburn: „Lord of the starfields“

Ein Lied, so alt wie ich. 😉 Wusste mal wieder nicht, dass Bruce Cockburn so „christlich angehaucht“ ist.

Lord of the starfields
Ancient of Days
Universe Maker
here’s a song in your praise.
wings of the storm cloud
beginning and end
you make my heart leap
like a banner in the wind.

O Love that fires the sun
keep me burning.

Lord of the starfields
sower of life,
heaven and earth are
full of your light.
Voice of the nova
smile of the dew
all of our yearning
only comes home to you.

O Love that fires the sun
keep me burning

2 Gedanken zu „Bruce Cockburn: „Lord of the starfields““

  1. Literaturtipp:
    Kicking at the Darkness, Bruce Cockburn and the Christian Imagination,
    Brian, J. Walsh, Grand Rapids 2011

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