Weißt Du, wo deine Seele ist?

Unter dem Titel „It’s 2009. Do You Know Where Your Soul Is?“ gab es in der New York Times kürzlich einen Gast-Beitrag von U2-Sänger Bono. Hier ein Auszug daraus – es geht um Ostern:

„It’s a transcendent moment for me — a rebirth I always seem to need. Never more so than a few years ago, when my father died. I recall the embarrassment and relief of hot tears as I knelt in a chapel in a village in France and repented my prodigal nature — repented for fighting my father for so many years and wasting so many opportunities to know him better. I remember the feeling of “a peace that passes understanding” as a load lifted. Of all the Christian festivals, it is the Easter parade that demands the most faith — pushing you past reverence for creation, through bewilderment at the idea of a virgin birth, and into the far-fetched and far-reaching idea that death is not the end. The cross as crossroads. Whatever your religious or nonreligious views, the chance to begin again is a compelling idea.“

In dem Beitrag geht es ansonsten (wie könnte es auch anders sein) auch noch um Entwicklungshilfe, die Frage nach Gerechtigkeit, etc. Lesenswert!

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